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Conditions on Reservations
Through our webpage www.zastravel.com you can buy tickets 24h, six days per week, using your credit card.
ZAS Travel offices are open all weekdays from 09.00 to 21.00. Our e-mail is checked regularly. The ferry tickets reservation service helps you ensure the most convenient ticket for you, by following some simple steps. The system displays only the authorized ferry schedules and is frequently revised.

Tickets availability.
The tickets availability for every schedule is categorized as follows:
1: availability, 2: limited availability, 3: no availability. The system doesn’t accept reservations for a time less than six days before departure. In some routes a large number of tickets is available, but in others the shipping Companies imposes a limitation for tickets reservations.

Transaction integration.
The last step for the transaction integration is the insertion of your credit card’s data, and then follows a message: TRANSACTION OK. A confirmation message will be sent to your e-mail, mentioning your reservation number. In case of an unsuccessful transaction, please let us know at info@zastravel.com in order to confirm the completion of the reservation.

Tickets changes - Cancellation
In case you wish to change or cancel a reservation please send us an e-mail to info@zastravel.com or fax your application to +302285023419. Zas Travel will call back for the arrangement. We inform you that each company has its own policy for cancellation penalties. Generally the companies ask for a cancellation penalty of 50% of the ticket price until the day of departure (at least five hours) before the sailing time. For cancellations during the same day of the departure (5hr before or after the sailing time) the fine is 100% of the ticket price. Instead of a cancellation you can transfer your ticket to OPEN (open date) without extra charge. The tickets are valid only for the vessels of the SAME COMPANY and for the same route.

Tickets collection
You can either collect your tickets from our offices at the Port of Naxos, without a charge or have them sent by courier to an address you specify (please check the delivery times) or have an e-ticket, i.e. a reference number with which you can collect your ticket from your nearest agent (extra charge 5 €). We offer collection service for most shipping companies, please contact us quoting your reservation number and we will inform you about which agent to collect your ticket from.

Ticket rules
The ticket is strictly personal. It is not transferable and is valid only for the mentioned class and destination.
Passenger tickets, according to the Community Directive 98-41, are obligatory to mention the names of all passengers. The following information should be mentioned on the ticket: first name, surname, gender, age group: adult/child/infant. Additionally you can inform about persons than may need special care.

The following information should be mentioned on all tickets: Type of the vehicle and registration (plate) number. For lorries, busses, boat trailers, cargo boxes, you should contact our office about the transportation cost, at ticket_info@zastravel.com

Loss of tickets
In case you lose your ticket you will have to declare it by a letter. If you need to travel you will need to issue a new ticket. Until the end of the month and if the lost ticket is not used you can have a refund of the ticket price or have another ticket of the same price, depending on the shipping company. We will follow up your case and keep you informed.

Delay of Departure
Our agency bears no responsibility for any delay, deviation or alteration or cancellation of the scheduled departure times. In case of a cancelation due to bad weather conditions, you can get full refund of the ticket(s). Itineraries, fares or travel conditions may be altered. Any changes will be announced through the reservation system or/and our webpage.
The shipping company reserves the right to substitute the vessel for a trip with another vessel in accordance with the Maritime authorities or even cancel the trip.